Clear Voices

Your Path to Dynamic Speaking

Mimicry, techniques & mechanics aren't enough to reduce an accent.

Students must have a strong desire to reduce their accent & improve conversation skills.

Are you stuck between voiced & unvoiced "th"?
Do you get tongue-tied distinguishing "v" vs. "w"?
Are you ready to master clear "L" vs. dark "L"?

Don't be misunderstood anymore!
I will teach you how:

To identify & correct individual pronunciation challenges.
To properly articulate American English consonants.
To differentiate between American English vowels.
To integrate these speech changes into daily life.

Private sessions are customized & interactive, based on level, personality & goals.

Are you ready to reduce your accent, improve your conversation skills & written English?

Will you practice at least 2 hours a day?

If the answers are 'yes', contact me using the form below.

Don't delay! Together, we'll work on:

Conversational & cultural fluency.
Formal versus informal language.
Social & professional presentation skills.
Job interview role playing & readiness.

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3 Ways To Reduce Your Accent

About Me

Ken is a native English speaker with a background in English Literature & Theatre Arts. He wears several hats: writer, editor, publicist, cultural/media critic and mentor. His feature articles & reviews appear online & in print magazines. He's a sought after columnist & published writer in various genres.

He's a trained actor, vocal coach & seasoned public speaker. He tutors international students & professionals based in New York City and remotely on various aspects of Accent Reduction, Breathing, Interactive Role Play & Problem-solving in English.

Ken also tutors English as a Second Language and is available for TOEFL prep sessions.

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